Future is Humic Land

Future is Humic land

About Humic Land

Produced in Europe, Humic Land is part of the change towards conscious and sustainable farming. Humic Land can recover damaged soil and rejuvenate the agricultural land because of its complex humic substances.

Humic Land is a 100% organic, concentrated organic fertilizer produced from natural black peat, based on innovative, certified technology. Humic Land consists of Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids and raw humates (prehistoric plant matter) creating a most productive and powerful acid in sustainable agriculture. You can use this highly effective organic fertilizer alone in organic farming or as an additional booster when combined with other fertilizers and pesticides in conventional agriculture. 

Humic Land Benefits on Soil Structure

The composition of Humic Land includes a high concentration of Humic Acid (HA) and Fulvic Acid (FA) making the soil more fertile. Adding Humic Land to the soil will stimulate biological activity and improve soil structure.

The potential benefits of using humic and fulvic acids for agriculture, horticulture, or floriculture application are many! 

  • Improves the physical soil structure
  • Increases the “nutrient bank” in the soil
  • Increases water retention during periods of drought (Prevents water and nutrient losses in light, sandy soils • Increases aeration and water infiltration in clay soils)
  • Increases the porosity (aeration, water circulation, better root growth)
  • Binds insoluble metal ions, oxides and hydroxides, making them available and slowly releasing them to the roots
  • Stabilises and assists in the degradation of toxic substances such as nicotine, aflatoxins, antibiotics and most organic pesticides.


Humic Land Benefits on Plant Roots

A healthy soil rhizosphere is essential for healthy root development, and the early development of vigorous growth in crop roots is essential for good crop establishment, to improve stress resistance and yield potential.

Because Humic Land contains water-soluble organic acids, it will increase the organic content of the soil, as well as increase the cation exchange capacity and significantly increasing nutrient uptake.

The photo below shows the successful trials on #2 carrots conducted in an open field located in Babtai, Kaunas region.


Benefits of Humic Land on Foliar Application

  • Humic Land stimulates general nutrient uptake by the plant resulting in bigger, healthier and higher yielding crops.
  • Helps the crop resist stress factors including pesticide-induced stress.
  • Acts as a carrier for many pesticides –helping them enter the leaf quickly and efficiently.
  • Low pH also improves the efficacy of many pesticides.
  • Increases bioavailability at the root surface, or even in the root cell membranes.
  • Direct stimulating on plants growth by acting as auxin-like compounds, vitamins, antibiotics and plant growth hormones.
  • Influence metabolic processes within the cell: transport, respiration, nucleic acid synthesis.
  • Increase of chlorophilic content and energy (ATP) production.

Benefits of Humic Land

Humic Land Effects on Food Nutrition and Quality

The following diagram shows the influence of metabolic processes within the cell: transport, respiration, photosynthesis, nucleic acid synthesis when applying Humic Land to carrots. Nutrients test report in carrots.  

humic land food nutrition chart

Application of Humic Land

Humic Land is a versatile fertilizer and when applied will improve results in a wide range of applications:

  • Row crops and high-value agriculture such as cereals, oilseeds, corn, soybeans, dry bean, field pea, sugar beet, flax, potato, lentil, chickpea, safflower, and buckwheat.
  • Horticulture including nursery, greenhouse and landscape ornamentals
  • Professional turf, including fairways, sports turf and residential lawns
  • Environmental applications including soil remediation
  • Home applications including lawn care, remediation, landscaping and gardening

Application Humic Land

Rogitex Inc.

We are a Canadian distributor serving North America. Our goal is to bring you the very best in agriculture and farming products to improve soil structure and stimulate plant growth.

In operation since 1980, Rogitex is a long-standing distributor of minerals, chemicals and fertilizers serving the agriculture and many other industries across North America.  

Let's work together to maximize your profit while improving your sustainability. If you have any questions about the application or product composition of Humic Land, please contact us at contact@humiclandorganicfertilizer.com, and we’ll be happy to help you!

JSC Acoustic Biotechnologies

JSC Acoustic Biotechnologies has developed the Humic Land fertilizer with its team of engineers and scientists over many years of research in organic peat. Since 2015, the company has invested about 3 million EUR to the Humic Land fertilizer production process, equipment, and technology.

JSC Acoustic Biotechnology factory was tested by the IMOswiss AG and EcoCert Certification Authority. The IMOswiss AG and Ecocert granted the company with accreditation and approval as high-quality organic fertilizers that can be used on organic farms in Europe and other parts of the world.

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