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Humic Land is a multi-purpose, 100% organic fertilizer. Produced from black peat using innovative technology that protects live soil microorganisms.

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Complex Humic Substances

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Increased Nutrient Uptake

Humic Land is pH5, no chemical materials are added, and the production process protects live soil microorganisms. The chemical properties of HUMIC LAND include complex trace minerals, as well as Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, N, P, and S. Adding HUMIC LAND to soil increases the cation exchange capacity. This can significantly increase nutrient uptake.

Organic Soil, It Matters!

Humic Land provides many benefits to conventional and organic agricultural farms. Humic Land contains microorganisms, which improve soil texture, nutrients and crop productivity. These beneficial microorganisms build soil porosity, increases the infiltration capacity, thus protects the soil from the erosion.

Use On Many Applications!

Humic Land is a multi-purpose organic fertilizer. Whether you have clay soils and with compaction or sandy soils, Humic Land can provide benefits to your soil.

Improving Soil & Plant Growth

Best to use Humic Land to prepare seeds and soil before sowing or planting. That's because young plant roots, leaves, and growing plants are more responsive to applications of humic substances. 


Humic Land Is certified by Ecocert, the European organic standard and by The Institute for Marketecology (IMO). Canadian and USA Ecocert coming soon!


Best Natural Sources Of Organic Matter

Boosting yields and increased uptake of nutrients are the greatest benefits from applying humic acid to the soil.

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Top Benefits Of Humic Land

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Humic Acid Substances

SOIL, it's an important resource for a farmer. When we use our soil for crop production without restoring the organic matter, the nutrient cycles break and we destroy the balance in the agro-ecosystem.

Certified organic HUMIC LAND can recover the damaged soil and rejuvenate agricultural land. More good news is humic substances has an excellent potential for increasing crop and livestock productivity without harming the environment.

Humic Land

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